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Don't know your size? No worries! Our sizing kits are the perfect way to accurately measure your nails before ordering a set. 

All of our sizing kits come with 10 nail tips, one of each size (#0-9). 


To determine your nail sizes, simply test which size fits each of your nails the best. When fitting, you want to make sure that the gel nail tip sits comfortably on top of your nail bed. The nail tip should sit up against your cuticle and reach from the left sidewall to the right sidewall of your nail bed.

NOTE: The nail tip should easily fit the width of your nail without being forced or firmly pushed down against the nail bed. Your true nail size will fit comfortably on your nail bed with minimal pressure. 

When you purchase a sizing kit along with your nail set order, you will receive the sizing kit before your nails are created. This way you can let us know your exact sizes and ensure a perfect fit.